Sunday, November 1, 2009

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1 noviembre 2009

Wow – I can’t believe we’re already in November! It’s kind of hard to keep up with the changing months, especially when the temperature here still ranges from about 60-80°F every day. I’m going to be in for a shock I’m sure when I return to the states in December and realize that there has been a drastic climate change since I left Dallas in August! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well, and also hope that losing an hour of sleep last night didn’t hurt you too badly. I’m appreciative of the time change, because now those of you in Texas and Oklahoma are on my time, since daylight savings doesn’t exist here! :)

Well, I wanted to get one more post in before I head out for 3 ½ weeks. Tomorrow morning I leave my house at about 8:00am to embark on my newest adventure. I’m honestly not sure which will be the greatest adventure – the transit (which looks roughly like the following: bus ride, taxi, loooong bus ride, taxi, bus ride, hopefully to be met on the side of the road by the woman who is supposed to take me the rest of the way to my final destination), or what awaits me when I finally get there. I will be spending this part of my semester living on a dairy farm in a very rural town called San Pedro de Cutris de San Carlos de Alajuela. For those of you who by chance don’t know exactly where that is (let’s be honest – I don’t really know either), it is in the northwest part of Costa Rica, probably an hour or two south of the Nicaragua border.

These 3 ½ weeks comprise the biggest part of my Latin American Studies concentration. We are all going to be living in different parts of the country outside of San José, in order to experience another reality or another way of life that is possibly a better picture of the Central American reality in general. In addition to my school work – assigned readings and papers – I will be helping my new family on their farm, or whatever else they have for me to do. We have been told, however, time and time again, that whatever “job” we will be doing is not the purpose of the trip, but rather is more of an excuse to live and experience life with these families.

Anyway, due to the fact that my new home is very rural, I will not have access to internet until I return to San Jose on November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving, which I am very sad to be missing out on). So, this will be my last post for a while. I would greatly appreciate your prayers in these next few weeks, as I don’t really know what awaits me. I trust it will be an great experience, and I know without a doubt that God has a lot to teach me, and can do that no matter how far out of contact with the “rest of the world” I may be. Pray that I will have an open and humble heart, and also pray that I will be able to keep my focus on this experience, rather than on December 10 (which is when I come home!). I would also appreciate prayers for good health. Today half of my family is sick with a stomach virus, and I would not like to add that into the mix of the adventure tomorrow! :)

I’ve posted a few pictures of some of the “everyday” places I go around San José, because I have been trying to capture all of these places since I only have a few days left in the city after I return. Also, one picture is of Sarah and me last night at her birthday dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!

Thank you all, as always, for your prayers and support. I will post again when I return! Wish me luck! :)

PS. pictures from top to bottom: Rhea, Destry, Humberto, and me at the National Theatre, my mom buying vegetables at ¨la feria¨, me downtown at one of the many gorgeous parks, Sarah and me at Cafe Mundo, our new favorite restaurant.

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