Sunday, September 20, 2009

On to Nicaragua...

20 septiembre 2009
Well, it’s been another crazy busy but very good week. I managed to get both of my papers done, so those are off my chest now. And I had another good weekend. Friday was Rhea’s (for those of you who don’t know her, she’s one of my good friends from school) 21st birthday! So her family threw her a huge party and invited a few of us over. It was great! I mean, I can’t think of a better way to spend my 21st birthday than here in Costa Rica, with a 5 course meal (consisting of dinner, pineapple pie, ice cream cones, birthday cake, and a candy bar to go!), balloons, party hats, party MASKS, paper birthday horns, a bilingual “Happy Birthday” chorus, and even confetti! Haha. It was awesome.

Saturday, 5 other girls and I decided to go hiking in this area we had heard was really beautiful up in the mountains. After a few humorous mishaps, we made it to our destination and had an amazing time enjoying God’s awesome creation. And why do I live in the brown state of Texas, I ask myself?? Haha. It’s the people that I love – that’s my conclusion. :) Anyway, I got to enjoy Saturday evening relaxing at home with my family. I even learned how to make super easy homemade ice cream (no rock salt or churning necessary)! So I can’t wait to try that one out when I get home.

Today, Sunday, was maybe best of all. Sarah and Rhea (SNU friends) and I decided to visit the church on the Nazarene Seminary campus, which was SUCH a nice taste of home. It was so nice to worship with fellow Nazarenes, singing familiar songs in Spanish, etc. In Sunday school they were even studying the Nazarene manual! We met a woman named Shelly Webb, and she and her husband are missionaries from the States. She showed us around the campus of the seminary and told us about some of the stuff they have going on and plans they are making to add on in the near future. Although I had been on the campus before, it was fun to tour it again and see what new is going on since I was there 3 years ago. Anyway, all that to say it was so nice to be in a Nazarene church to worship this morning!

Well, that’s about all the news I have to tell. I leave tomorrow morning (6:30 am!) for Nicaragua, and I’ll be there until Friday October 2. So, I’ll be out of the touch for the next two weeks, but I will fill you all in on that trip as soon as I return. In Nicaragua, we will be spending the first few days all together in the capital city of Managua, visiting places, having lectures, etc. Then, for about 6-7 days we will be split into smaller groups (4-5) and sent to live with individual families associated with different churches throughout the country. We will spend that week just living with the people, working with them, doing whatever they do, observing and experiencing a new culture and a different way of life – different probably, even than life here in San José. Then we will all come together again for a few days in Grenada, another major city in Nicaragua, before we return to our homes here that Friday.

I am looking forward very much to this trip. I think it will definitely have its challenges, and may even be difficult at times, but I know that I have a lot to learn, and definitely feel like God will use this experience to teach me. Pray for me that I will be open and willing to listen and learn. Thanks again for your faithful support. God bless!

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